Frequently Asked Questions

We can help anyone who is looking to buy Southern California real estate.

First Time Home Owners

Homeownership is the dream of just about every American. Being able to finally buy your first home is an exciting period of time. Don’t add stress to the process by trying to look for a home on your own.

The Einstein team can help you with the loan process and finding a home that will fit your budget. No matter what your budget, needs, and wants may be – Einstein Realty can help you find the home of your dreams.

Investment Property Owners

Investment properties can create a lucrative income stream. Whether this is your first investment home or your fifth, Einstein Realty can help you buy your home.

We work with you to learn about your investment goals. Based on those goals, we can find homes that will fit your budget.

Oftentimes, investment homeowners like to buy properties that need some work. They can buy them at a lower price, refurbish them, and then sell or rent them at a higher market price. We know of all the latest fixer-uppers currently on the market.

If you’re not the type who likes to get your hands dirty or spend money on renovations, we can find newly constructed homes that work with your budget. Newer construction might come at a higher price, but at least you won’t have to put money into the home before you can sell or rent it out.

Those Looking for Multi-Million Dollar Homes

Not everyone can afford a multi-million-dollar home, but if you can – you’ve chosen the right state. California – particularly central and Southern California – has plenty of multi-million-dollar options. These homes are drop dead gorgeous. They have all of the latest features – marble countertops and islands, hardwood floors, spa bathrooms, swimming pools, and much, much more.

Not only are the homes themselves exceptional – the properties themselves are lovely, with some of the most stunning views in the entire U.S.

Whether you are interested in a mansion in the hills or a beachfront property, Einstein Realty has plenty of options.

Real estate in Southern California – particularly the multi-million-dollar homes – are often the envy of many. If these types of homes are within your budget, we can help you buy your home. We look forward to helping you find the perfect-for-you multi-million-dollar home.

Working with multiple entities during the home buying process can be exasperating. Einstein Realty makes the process easier by offering multiple services to home buyers. Getting the whole process completed in one place will make for a smooth transition from home buyer to homeowner.

When you need to get a home loan for a Southern California property of your choice, we can help because we walk you through the home loan application process. Einstein Realty is part of a variety of preferred broker programs. We work with the leading banks, as well as wholesale lenders.

Our loans aren’t confined to local banks and lending companies. We want to find the best loan for your needs, and sometimes that means looking for loans outside the state. We’ll look nationwide for the best rate.

We are committed to finding the best loan with the lowest rate and will work hard to make sure we deliver that to buyers

Einstein Realty offers mortgage services to buyers looking for their first loan, as well as existing homeowners who need a second mortgage.

Of course, to qualify for a loan, you need to have fairly good credit. We work with you to find the lowest rate that can be had based upon your credit score. This can include fixed, interest only, or adjustable-rate loans.

If you don’t have good credit or would like to improve your credit score to get a better rate, we can help. We have a good understanding of what it takes to increase your score and can offer suggestions.

If you don’t qualify for a loan, we recommend working on your score and then coming back to Einstein Realty to re-apply for a loan. With a few tweaks, we’re sure it won’t be long before you can qualify for a great rate and be in a position to qualify for a loan.

The main reason you should choose Einstein Realty is because we are one of the most trusted names in Southern California real estate. We are respected within the real estate community. And the homeowners and rental property owners who work with us feel confident in taking care of their property needs because they are working with a team that get consistently successful results.

How does Einstein Realty ensure such great results? It’s through exceptional service.

Those interested in selling a Southern California home can expect to receive the following services from Einstein Realty – the premier Southern California real estate agency:

  • Home evaluations. We will evaluate your home and make recommendations for staging options. Additionally, we can provide professional cleaners to prepare your home for photographs and viewing appointments.

  • Professional marketing. At Einstein Realty, we will do everything we can to get your home in front of buyers. This includes microsites, professional photography, digital staging, and social media marketing. We ensure that your home looks fantastic and appeals to buyers.

  • Promotional campaigns. In addition to social media marketing, we offer email campaigns and press releases to advertise your Southern California property.

  • Market analysis. The team at Einstein Realty understands the market and can read market shifts. We will provide you with complete market analysis to show you if this is a good time to sell, as well as what other homeowners in your area are selling their home for.

  • Virtual tours. We are a high-quality digital real estate agency. Not only do buyers have access to your microsite with pictures of your property and a well-written property description, but visitors can also have a virtual tour. We find that buyers are more likely to schedule a viewing after they have gone through a virtual tour. The experts at Einstein Realty will capture every aspect of your home that you want to put on display – including the internal, external, land, and other structures on the property.

  • Scheduling. We take care of scheduling viewings for you. Once we schedule the appointment, we will go to the property and show it for you. You can even utilize our cleaning services to prepare your house for these viewings. You don’t have to worry about anything because Einstein Realty does everything for you – from start to finish.

Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term (vacation) rental options, Einstein Realty helps property owners in two unique ways.

1. Digital Marketing for Your Rental

The first step in renting your home is to find people who are looking for Southern California homes for rent. Homeowners have found multiple ways to do this – word of mouth and newspaper or Craigslist ads are the most popular.

But this takes time that most people just don’t have – time to place the ads or time to hear back from them or to allow your word-of-mouth message to reach the right ears.

Why not, instead, go straight to the source – people who are actually actively looking for Southern California homes for rent.

This is where Einstein Realty comes into play. We offer digital marketing services for Southern California real estate rentals. We start off with an analysis of your home and then offer interior design recommendations.

We even provide cleaning services to get your home ready for marketing photos and home evaluation appointments. From there, we provide professional photography – our pictures will catch the eye of anyone looking for a Southern California rental.

We can help with pricing strategies, too, in an effort to maximize your income from your rental property.

Once people come across your listing and show interest in your home, our management team will oversee inquiries and reservations. These services take some of the pressure off of rental property owners.

Selling a home is not always a fun process for homeowners. In many situations, the homeowner is on a deadline to get out of their home and on their way to their new destination. Add to that the tiresome work of packing and keeping the home in tip-top shape for home views, and it can be a stressful time.

Einstein Realty can make the process so much easier, especially for homeowners who need to sell their Southern California real estate quickly. We do this through our home renovation program called Home Rehab.

The Home Rehab program from Einstein Realty will benefit you in three ways.

1. Sell your house for cash now.

You don’t have to wait for the market to improve to sell your home. Einstein Realty will buy it from you right now.

2. You don’t have to worry about home repairs.

One reason people put off selling their home is because they think they have to make all of the repairs beforehand. In some cases, this is true. If you want the best price, your house has to look amazing and pass inspections.

When homeowners don’t make repairs, oftentimes the home buyer will try to bargain with them. This means that the homebuyer and owner agree to buy/sell the house at a lower rate so the buyer is reimbursed for making the repairs. While this frees you up from having to make them, it still costs you money.

3. Don’t worry about staging or showing your home.

The stress of keeping your house immaculate for potential buyers is exhausting – especially if you work full time, have a family, and are trying to pack at the same time. With our Home Rehab program, we’ll come in, evaluate your home, and make an offer. That’s all there is to it.

It’s easy to see how the Home Rehab program from Einstein benefits the homeowner. But does it really benefit Einstein Realty? Why would we take on a home that needed repairs or a renovation?

First of all, renovating a Southern California home is a fun project. The team at Einstein Realty love making homes look beautiful, whether it’s through a home renovation or through staging strategies when a home is up for sale.

Another reason this program works for us is because we can sell the property at a profit. We put the work and money into renovating the Southern California home, and with our skills and market expertise – we can earn money off of the property.

The Southern California real estate market goes up and down constantly. We can read the signs and figure out the best time to sell to make a profit.

The home renovation – or Home Rehab – program from Einstein Realty works because we have the time, money, and resources to renovate Southern California real estate when homeowners don’t. This program really is a win-win situation for Einstein Realty and Southern California homeowners.

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